Leafy Life is a green concept studio, which helps to bring the interior spaces to life with innovative products and creative designs.

Our main focus is to enhance the look and feel of any interior habitable space. Our products with pure materials, natural colours and classy shapes and forms combined with exotic plants acknowledge the power of simplicity and harmony in any interior space.

We exclusively import our products from the finest designers across europe. To mention few FlowerBox Gallery, France and D&M,Belgium.

Our Services

We not only provide you with cool products, but also work closely with architects and interior designers to offer custom design services that fit your needs.After all DESIGN is all important, when it comes to stunning interiors and spaces.

We also offer a complete range of indoor and outdoor plantscaping services to bring your home or office space to life. Our design services stand out from the rest. That is why we make difference in everything we offer and everything we do.